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Buy Tom Ford Weed Strain Online. Tom Portage, birthing its name from the extravagance fashioner brand, Tom Passage Kush is a powerful Indica Pot strain. This lovely bloom shows light green leaves that vibe like they have been dunke in stick. Tom Portage Strain has areas of strength for a gas fragrance and the buds are canvasse in a thick layer of THC trichomes. Like very good quality style, it gives first class taste and impacts that make experts want more of this astounding weed.

Tom Passage is an indica predominant mixture strain (80% indica/20% sativa) made through an obscure blend of indica prevailing cross breed strains. Known for its madly beautiful appearance, Tom Passage has little adjust thick woods green nugs with pinkish and purple undercurrents, lively pink-orange hairs, and a covering of cold clear white precious stone trichomes.

Effects and Medical Uses

Tom Portage conveys a genuinely top of the line and dependable experience that rivals no other. Its high strength restorative patients appreciate Tom Portage as a method for easing persistent torment, stress, nervousness, and ongoing weakness.

Appearance, Fragrance and Flavor

In obvious pompous style, Tom Portage is striking and outwardly engaging. The round thickly stuff blossoms are woodland green with twirls of purple and pink. Orange and pink pistils zigzag all around the blossoms and look through the intensely cover icing of tacky white trichomes. The strain has adjust aromatics of sweet and tart citrus with connotations of hearty wood.



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