Blissful Wizard Hybrid

Blissful Wizard Hybrid

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Buy Blissful Wizard weed from Hello Ganja online Stores today! Blissful Wizard is a hybrid strain created through a cross of the powerful Captain’s Cookies X Girl Scout Cookies strains. The Blissful Wizard high is just as happy as you’d imagine, with a blissful euphoric onset that launches your mind into a hazy state of complete happiness. This tasty bud is a favorite to use to make hash because of its powerful effects and enticing flavor.  As your mood builds and builds you’ll find yourself becoming more and more talkative with no real filter on what you say. You may succumb to uncontrollable fits of laughter at the slightest hint of humor that can leave you gasping for breath.


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Blissful Wizard Hybrid


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Buy Blissful Wizard (Hybrid) Online – For Sale

Buy Blissful Wizard (Hybrid) Online. Ecstatic Wizard by The Commander’s Association is a strong half-breed strain that crosses Chief’s Treats and Young lady Scout Treats in a debauch combination of lemon, lime, and cream flavors. With a taking off THC content that won this strain first spot in the 2015 SoCal Weed Cup as a non-dissolvable hash, Ecstatic Wizard is the main mending elixir you’ll have to kill obstinate hurts, torments, sickness, and hunger misfortune.

As your state of mind endlessly fabricates you’ll wind up turning out to be increasingly more chatty with no genuine channel on what you say.

This bud tastes heavenly of sweet apple with a sprinkle of flower earth that is shockingly impactful upon breath out. The smell is of sweet granny smith apples with a hearty hint.

Effects and Medical Benefits of Blissful Wizard.

After smoking some Merry Wizard, the strain goes to fulfill your super. Fortunately, this joy doesn’t come at the cost of your intellectual capacities. Like most adjust half and halves, this strain can influence various people in various ways. A greater part of clients has reveal a moment of support in close-to-home energy.

Its effects are a euphoric journey into tranquility, inducing a profound sense of bliss and relaxation without sacrificing mental clarity. The strain’s potency and well-rounded profile make it a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs seeking a versatile and enjoyable high.



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  • Yorkini

    Blissful Wizard is amazing! They have the best selection, fresh delicious buds. They are super friendly and helpful! It’s worth the trip from NYC!!!

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