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Big Candy Is Angry Zombie Skittles and get a taste the rainbow with these delicious Original Mix Skittles infused with 400mg of THC. At first glance, the Skittles package appears to be like the one sold in the candy aisle of a supermarket. It has block letters filled in with white, a flowing rainbow and a red candy that replaces the dot above the letter “i”. A closer look reveals some small differences: a background pattern of small, stylized marijuana leaves; a warning label; and numbers that reveal the amount of THC, the intoxicating substance in cannabis, in each piece of candy.

The images are comprise in a lawsuit that the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company, owned by the candy behemoth Mars Inc., filed in May against five companies for selling cannabis-infused edibles that look like our old friends Skittles, Starburst and Life Savers. Though the suit focuses on intellectual property rights, the plaintiffs also argue that the copycat products could lead people, particularly children, to mistakenly ingest drugs.

Zombie Skittles flavor also has fun Halloween names such as:

  • Petrifying Citrus Punch
  • Mummified Melon
  • Boogeyman Blackberry
  • Chilling Black Cherry
  • Blood Red Berry

With Halloween now less than 100 days away, expect Zombie Skittles in stores soon!

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  • Kingston

    It is exactly what it says it is never know which one(s) are the zombies!! The ones that are fruity the flavors are amaze! Makes u want to just dig in and then oops…and dont wanna eat another for a bit anyways. They were fun with the kids at the party and seeing their reactions. Some were more tolerable with the zombie taste than others. Its def not a taste u want on your taste buds though. Buying again for halloween party!!

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